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MoneyBall Recap

Fantastic event and thank you to everyone for a great turnout and event.

1 -13KizerRachmelerZedackTrimble

2 -11O,Brien KYarbroughPappaterraWoelfle

3 -10GoodingDoyleDavisClay

4 -9DenhamLorsonAlexander Parks

5 -5Smith DLentchnerMiracleO,Brien D

T6 -4NiehoffCalbertAroraLanceT6-4IschJedrusikButlerPattenT6-4WatkinsBairdSaaleHolbird

9 -3RankinPrangeBuscherSteve G

10 -1WillisJamesCarterKoch11ESmith ETimmeSandovalBagley


5- Yarbrough

6- Clay

7- Rankin

8- Trimble

13- Rankin

17- Smith, E


4- Isch

7- Gooding

12- Rachmeler

14- Patten



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