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Event 3 4 Person Best Ball (3,2,1)

Thank you again to those who made this event a success. We had some good scores in a fun format.

1st Place: Isch, Yarbrough, Calbert, Parks (-13)

2nd Place: Affleck Gaston Baginski O'Brien D. (-12)

3rd Place: Niehoff Kizer Miracle Baranowski (-9)

T-4th Place: O'Brien K Bradshaw Butler Clay (-8)

T-4th Place: Denham Davis Rutledge, J Pappaterra (-8)


2: Gooding

3: Dow Smith

6: Zedack

8: Denham

11: O'Brien K

14: Yarbrough

16: Niehoff


4- Smith, E.

7- Smith, E.

12- Pappaterra

14- Kizer



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